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Bee Creative - A Hive Decorating Contest


$40.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Bee Creative - A Hive Decorating Contest
Let your creative side shine! BeeWeaver is sponsoring a hive painting/decorating contest! Grand Prize Winner will receive a $500 Gift Certificate to the BeeGoods Mercantile, and 100% of profits raised at the BuzzFest Silent Auction will be donated to a non-profit supporting honey bees!
1. Buy (at full price) a Natural Cypress Hive, with a modified super, from BeeGoods Mercantile. Frames are optional. All hives entered into the Bee Creative Contest must be the Natural Cypress Hives from BGM.
2. Return your unique hive creation to BeeWeaver by March 8th. Contestants may choose to receive a full refund from BeeWeaver to enter the hive into the Silent Auction, or receive no refund and take their hive home after the contest.
3. From March 9 - May 19 patrons at our store will vote for the hive they like best!
4. During BuzzFest on May 26th, all hives will be on display. The hives bought back by BeeWeaver will be a part of a silent auction during BuzzFest. 100% of profits from the auction will be donated to a non-profit supporting honey bees.
5. The Grand Prize Winner of the Bee Creative Contest will be announced at BuzzFest 3:00 PM and awarded a $500 gift card to BeeGoods Mercantile!
The hive comes assembled, and includes cypress bottom board, deep brood box, modified super, telescoping lid, and an inner cover. 
Need not be present to win!

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