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Ghana Bolga - Large


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Ghana Bolga - Large

Your beekeeping supplies no longer need to be in an old plastic bucket. Keep your gear ready to go and eye pleasing in our handmade baskets.

These exquisitely made baskets are crafted for us exclusively by the Doone School Mother's Club and artisans in the village in Ghana, West Africa. Every single basket is unique and the artistry is amazing! Patterns and colors vary! We will pick out the best for you!

15" Diameter
51" Circumference
15.5" Height

Our Bolgas are not only extremely durable, but also extremely beautiful! Take your basket to the grocery store or market, or use it in your home as storage or a statement piece! These long-lasting baskets have added durability thanks to the leather wrapped handle.

Our products from Ghana are woven from elephant grass, a completely sustainable material grown in the country.  The dyes are primarily plant dyes such as sorghum.  By twisting the grass, these baskets are extremely strong.  The handles are made of straw and wrapped with goat leather.  The average time to weave a basket is about two and a half days.

These are handcrafted items so sizes are approximate and colors and patterns will vary.

Height includes the handle.

By purchasing hand woven Blessing Baskets® products, you empower families around the world not just to exist, but to thrive. Our exclusive Prosperity Wage® model ensures artisans receive at least 2.5 times fair trade for their handicraft. This beyond fair trade model creates the working capital our artisans need to start businesses independent of our work. Those businesses enable them to sustainably exit poverty.

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