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BEE INFUZZED @BeeWeaver Honey Farm!

September 29, 2018

11 AM - 3 PM

We are excited about our guest artists who will help make the day unforgettable! Come out to BeeWeaver's Honey Farm to taste honeys infused with garden fresh herbs, sample honey sweetened treats perfect for end of summer, see and learn about art inspired by the honey bee, and more!

All We Need Farmer, Stacey, will share her expertise in making our unique Honey Pops. We are so excited she will be assisted by a few of her happy milk goats! Honey Pop tastings will be offered in our store (so many good flavors!.

Moon Dance Jeweler, Nola, will demonstrate how to make beautiful bracelets with bee notes sprinkled in.

Living Waters Potter, Cindy, will show you her tricks of the trade for making realistic honeycomb patterns on her handmade Bee Inspired mugs.

Bee Amour Jeweler, Anna, will demonstrate how to immortalize a queen bee in resin - a necklace pendant or sun catcher keepsake.

In house talent, Amy, will demonstrate how to recycle old hive parts to make unique, rustic signs for your home or workshop.

We are busy drying herbs from our garden so you can make your own infused honey to take home. We will provide the jar, honey, and herbs - you only need to bring your tastebuds and creativity!

Tickets ($15) are available now!

Please check back for updates on our planned demonstrations and exhibits! Your receipt is all you need for entry.

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