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Natural Beekeeping


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Natural Beekeeping

Written by Ross Conrad

In this newly revised and expanded edition, Natural Beekeeping offers the same holistic, sensible, "do no harm" alternative to conventional chemical practices found the original edition.  Combining a comprehensive program of natural hive management with new and updated sections on a wide range of subjects, Natural Beekeeping covers:

- The basics of bee biology and anatomy

- Urban beekeeping

- Identifying and working with queens

- Selective breeding of bees for natural pest and disease resistance

- Parasite mite control

- Hive diseases

This new edition also includes a comprehensive glossary for beekeepers new and old, as well as an extensive list of beekeeping resources and color photographs throughout.  A completely new chapter on marketing provides valuable advice for anyone who intends to sell their hive products. 

"Natural Beekeeping is a wonderful book, beautifully written and illustrated, about how one can have healthy hives of bees without using synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, or artificial diets.  Ross Conrad explains in fine detail that the key ingredients of organic beekeeping are disease-resistant stock, favorable apiary sites, and good colony management, plus a reverence and respect for the bees." 

Thomas D. Seeley, author or Honeybee Democracy

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