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Beekeeping for Dummies (NEW 3rd Edition)


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Beekeeping for Dummies (NEW 3rd Edition)

NEW EDITION!!! Howland Blackiston is back, bringing all the imporant info for the new beekerp that can be found in print.

From the beloved For Dummies series, here is the quintessential how-to guide for beginning beekeepers.   Author Howland Blackiston provides a bounty of good information in an engaging and reader-friendly way. 

This handy softcover book will help you learn how to:

- Build and maintain your own beehives

- Use the latest tools and equipment

- Handle common problems

- Gear up for the golden harvest

- Explore the theories behind the environmental, economic, and societal impact of Colony Collapse Disorder

 A quick overview from one of our beekeepers, Emerson Arehart: 

Beekeeping for Dummies is a great no-nonsense primer and a handy reference for any backyard beekeeper.  Blackiston covers everything from hive maintenance to honey extraction to pacifying skeptical neighbors.  Also included are some ideas for using hive products (such as honey and propolis), and a fantastic FAQ addressing many novice beekeepers’ biggest questions.

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