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Personal Bee Lesson

Learn in your hives or ours.

People from all walks of life are curious about bees and are considering becoming beekeepers. Over the years, so many of our customers have asked us if we can teach them how to work with bees in a sustainable way without the use of chemicals.

Private lessons are $175.00 for the first hour, and $75 for every hour after the first. Price is for up to 2 Adults. Additional adults are $50/per hour. Children, 14 and under, are an additional $25/hour.

If the lesson takes place in the student’s hives please note there is a $30/hour drive time and .60/mile round trip charge. Distance is based on if the beekeeper is working out of Navasota or Dripping Springs, TX. We always choose the closest location possible to travel from to meet you for the lesson.

Our personal lesson instructors, Roosevelt and Lauren, are experienced beekeepers who love honey bees and teaching others. You can request to have Danny Weaver as your instructor. Please note his rates are $225 for the first hour and $75 for additional hours. Drive time/Mileage are the same.

Once you have purchased your personal lesson BeeWeaver will contact you to set a date, time, and location. Once the lesson is complete any additional charges (time/mileage) will be charged to the same credit card.



In Dripping Springs or Navasota

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