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Whipped Honey - Huckleberry


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Whipped Honey - Huckleberry

Our Whipped Honey features pure, wild clover Wyoming honey churned with all natural ingredients to make this an instant favorite. Mix and match the flavors to create your ideal order. We offer this honey in orders of single 9 oz. containers. Choose from our classic flavors including cinnamon, raspberry or huckleberry. Our honey is great as a stand alone treat or perfect for mixing in a cup of tea in lieu of artificial sugars.

A lot of people have asked:  What do you do with whipped honey? Our answer is simple:  Anything you do with normal honey, you can do with this. Some of my favorites include:  oatmeal, pancakes, salad dressings and as a bbq sauce for pork. Whipped honey does not make the mess that normal honey has - so perfect for a family with youngsters. You don’t have to worry about a sticky house when you serve whipped honey!

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